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We pursue science-based, 为自然资源开采环境风险创造有效解决方案的实践研究.


成立于2000年, 环境修复与评估中心(CERA)开展以结果为导向的研究,以更好地了解环境影响的性质和程度,并致力于合作开发和验证补救这些影响并改善我们的地球的机会.


拟议的合作研究项目的愿景是利用蒙大拿州在大型和小型修复和恢复方面的50年历史,作为其他州和地区的学习平台. CERA achieves this through development of environmentally acceptable technologies and climate resilient remediation and restoration processes which provide an opportunity for permanent and sustainable site clean-up and restoration; land, water and waste reuse; and increased community value.

蒙大拿 Technological University

At 蒙大拿 Technological University, 我们追求以科学为基础和可扩展的实践研究,为社区创造有影响力的解决方案, 环境, industry and governments. We achieve these goals through opportunity identification, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

At the turn of the 20th 世纪, 巴特城, 蒙大拿州(菲律宾十大彩票平台学院的所在地)为美国提供了电力所需的铜, creating thousands of miles of abandoned underground hard rock mines. 今天, 这些废弃矿山中含金属的酸性水流入伯克利坑超级基金遗址,这是美国最大的超级基金遗址的源头. 孤峰之外, State of 蒙大拿 estimates there are more than 3,000 abandoned coal mines and more than 3,700 abandoned hard rock mines in the State.  The Western states (including Alaska) have an estimated 150,000 abandoned hard rock mines, and nation-wide there are up to 500,000 abandoned mines in the country. 没有干预, 许多这些废弃的地雷继续污染环境,在许多情况下, including that of 孤峰, 蒙大拿, 导致多代修复和永久管理问题.  However,y also present a potential opportunity. 

This center addresses a number of important questions, including

  • 能否从采矿废料中提取关键矿物,为我们下一个伟大的电气化努力提供动力?
  • 修复后的土地能否提供更多的可再生能源地点或恢复后的土地用于碳封存?
  • 我们可以利用我们的废物来帮助我们的环境清理和恢复吗?
  • Can we improve the resiliency of the remedies as our climate changes?

Questions such as these require the expertise, testing and result communication that this center provides.

菲律宾十大彩票平台大学在环境修复/恢复方面的长期专长, 地质, 矿业, 矿物加工工程, energy and geo-chemistry, in addition to its connection with Highlands Trade and Technical College, positions it well to tackle these challenges. The linked research projects will evaluate opportunities for resilient, 有效和增值的修复和恢复受影响的土地,从而减少国家旷日持久的场地清理和修复财产的未充分利用. The program will be carried out in partnership with the on-campus Center for Advanced Material Processing (CAMP), 蒙大拿 Bureau of Mines and 地质 (MBMG), Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) 和高地学院-除了当前和未来的行业,学术和社区合作伙伴.   



  • Advance the science for natural resource extraction waste management and decommissioning 改进和创造新技术和产品的实践,这些技术和产品可以修复和有益地再利用废物资源,同时最大限度地减少影响
  • Develop and evaluate energy transition environmental technologies, 为土地再利用和环境决策提供传统知识和社区社会经济因素
  • Develop and evaluate climate adaption strategies 哪一个将碳足迹评估与技术开发、设计和评估相结合
  • Develop and evaluate sustainable and reliable remediation/restoration techniques which take into account changing climatic conditions
  • Develop and prepare a workforce continuum for the future, k - 12 (CFWEP), 贸易与技术[高地学院]与研究生和本科生发展, 设计, 安装, 运营和维护我们未来的自然资源设施和已修复的生态系统
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